Delivering Your Baby

Thank you for your interest in The Farm Midwifery Center. The services we provide are listed below:

° Prenatal care, labor and delivery services and postnatal care

° Childbirth education classes

° Primary well baby health care

° Home delivery service for residents of middle Tennessee within a reasonable distance from the Farm Midwifery Center.  If you live outside this area, we have birthing cabins available for our visiting birthing families.

Delivering on The Farm

If you want to come to us for your delivery, but live further than several hours drive away, it is best if you contact us early in your pregnancy, so together we can make a prenatal care and birthing plan.

We also need to discuss when you will travel here to give birth. It is important to make sure plans are in place to make it possible for you will arrive in a relaxed and timely manner.

If you live within an hour’s drive from us we may be able to come to your home for the delivery.

Hospital Transport

Most deliveries are natural and can be conducted safely at home or at our birthing center. However, if a situation arises in which the midwives feel it would be safer for the mother and/or the baby to be in the hospital, we will transport you to a nearby regional hospital.

If the mother or the baby needs to be transported, one of our midwives will go with you and stay with you to labor coach and to interface with the hospital staff until your baby is born and both you and baby are stable. You or your insurance company will be responsible for the hospital costs. You will also still be responsible for the The Farm Midwifery Center fee.

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