Tower Road Birthing Cabin

The Farm Midwifery Center utilizes a variety of cabins, apartments, and small homes as accommodations for mothers coming to deliver their baby. Some are adjacent to the home of a midwife, others are owned and managed by members of The Farm, or located just outside the community.

The cabins come complete with kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings. Several include extra bedrooms that can be used by children, family or friends.

The number of cabins we have is limited and the number of clients we can accept each month corresponds directly to the spaces we have available for birthings.

Cabins are usually booked months in advance, so it is important to plan ahead. Your midwife can assist you to determine which locations are available.

Rental fees general range from $700 week or $1500-$1700/month depending on size of cabin, Internet and laundry facilities.

Pamela’s Forest House

Pamela’s Cabin

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